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Based in Bexhill on Sea (East Sussex)


Many years ago and after a succession of glamorous (and not so glamorous) secretarial jobs, I stumbled across what I thought would be a career for life in Human Resources.

I trained hard to make sure I knew "my stuff" and I threw absolutely everything I had at my new career including excessive hours and commitment.

I found myself away from home for at least fifteen hours a day. Looking back I loved the feeling of being part of an organisation where I had a voice and where I was regularly praised for my contribution and my salary reflected that. I was 'on top of the world'......I thought.

On reflection, the price I paid for that sense of belonging and approval was huge. For many years my whole life seemed to be work. Yes, I had material possessions including a lovely home but my life was empty in other ways. Sadly I was too busy to notice.

Then, my daughter arrived and brought a different life and light and I took the decision to relocate to another part of the country. My intention was to give her the best start in life that I possibly could, in a part of the world that would be new to both of us and where I could just breathe and change direction.

It was at that point that my transition started.

I realised that I had spent too much time focusing on what I didn't want rather than what I did want going forward. So I asked myself...

"What do I want?"

...I looked at all the various facets of my life and started to shift my thinking in a much more positive direction. I acquired new skills. I trained as a Life Coach and then as a NLP Master Practitioner and also a Hypnotherapist, I had a thirst for knowledge and I wanted to grow.

For the first time in forever I became reacquainted with me. I took control, let go of all the negative unhelpful thought processes and acknowledged that I have choice!! We all have choice in how we see things and how we react to situations!!

I want to share all of my learning with you. So, if you are ready for something different then please do get in touch.

xx - Jane

About the work I do

Whilst there are no guarantees with the work that I do, you can be confident that you will receive all the support you need during our sessions (and in between too).

You may be assured of total confidentiality at all times.

I am a member of various professional bodies as you would expect.

All have Codes of Ethics and Practice and I completely work within these boundaries.

All of my records are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.