Below are the most common areas that I work with but I can help with almost any aspect of self improvement & life-coaching. Get in touch to discuss your personal requirements.

Weight Loss

A significant part of sustainable and healthy weight loss is learning self control.

Hypnosis can help you put aside unhelpful eating patterns, habits and cravings.

Stress & Anxiety

Being overwhelmed with everyday life can result in mental and physical health problems.

Hypnotherapy can provide you with the skills to manage stress and anxiety so you can relieve the symptoms whenever they bother you.

Fears & Phobias

Whether you are afraid of spiders, dogs, flying or anything in-between, a mix of hypnotherapy and NLP can usefully assist you to change the way you react in certain situation. Phobias are a learned reaction and by speaking to the subconscious, we can help to allay those fears.

Bad Habits

We repeat patterns of behaviour over and over again and tell ourselves that we just can’t kick the habit or we don’t have enough will power.

Chocolate, smoking, and many other vices can be addressed with a blended approach.