Skiing Fears

Blended approach

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jane for my first ever one to one hypnotherapy session in March. I was, I admit, sceptical but knew that she had helped my friend overcome her fear of flying so I thought it was worth a go.

I have skied for years and I am a competent blue run skier, but a couple of years ago I had a ‘meltdown’ when taken on a very steep icy red slope by accident. I also have always had a fear of narrow runs that my brain perceived to be dangerous drops by the side of them. Basically my ‘inner voice’ had become very negative and my confidence had taken a battering. I wasn’t enjoying my skiing and my technique had got a lot worse as I wasn’t relaxing.

I had one session with Jane (I was booked for two, but ironically couldn’t get there because of the snow!) and I am astounded at the difference it made. At no point during my week away did I meltdown or panic. On a few occasions I went down very steep slopes and although I took them slowly, I remained calm. I certainly have not managed to achieve this level of calm in the past couple of years! My friends and husband (all advanced skiers) were most relieved as I have been known to scream, shout and cry in reaction to my fear when they have accidentally taken me down such slopes before!

I will definitely being going back to Jane for a top up next year and would recommend her highly.”




Hypnotherapy & NLP

“I decided to try hypnotherapy and found Jane online. At our initial telephone conversation and first meeting I felt very comfortable as Jane thoroughly explained the process. She set my mind at ease regarding any preconceived ideas and fears I had concerning hypnotherapy. We discussed areas I was struggling with and what I wanted support with. I was quite clear I wanted to improve and not dwell on the past, Jane took this and always kept me focussed on the future.

Jane is extremely professional, sympathetic, non-judgemental and offers constructive support. The specific NLP techniques that Jane taught me have allowed me to consciously improve my mental health alongside the hypnosis.

Now I have finished my treatment I know Jane is always on the end of the phone or I can book another appointment should I need her. I highly recommend Jane and thank her for helping me improve my life.”



Smoking Cessation


"At the beginning of December 2015, I began a course of hypnotherapy with Jane, to quit smoking. I had been a smoker for about 45 years and I had tried to cut down for years without any success. Seeing many of my friends suffer with ill health due to smoking, I decided that the time had come to stop, whilst I was still in reasonably good health. I decided that I wanted to completely stop by the end of December 2015.

I had two sessions with Jane, after the first one I cut down fro 15 cigarettes a day to just 2. After the second session I stopped altogether and I have not smoked a single cigarette since then."



Weight Loss

Blended approach

“Before I went to see Jane I felt I had no confidence, suffered from anxiety attacks and had very low self esteem, because of this I used to overeat in secret. Whenever we went out to a restaurant (which was quite a lot) I would always have three courses and a bottle of wine at least. All of this led to me being a size 18.

Since I have been seeing Jane my attitude towards food has changed completely. Hypnotherapy has made me see things in a totally different light. I am now more confident, have much more energy and after 5 sessions I have lost one and a half stone and have gone down to a size 14. I cannot thank Jane enough for changing my life for the better.”