“I decided to try hypnotherapy and found Jane online. At our initial telephone conversation and first meeting I felt very comfortable as Jane thoroughly explained the process. She set my mind at ease regarding any preconceived ideas and fears I had concerning hypnotherapy. We discussed areas I was struggling with and what I wanted support with. I was quite clear I wanted to improve and not dwell on the past, Jane took this and always kept me focussed on the future.
Jane is extremely professional, sympathetic, non-judgemental and offers constructive support. The specific NLP techniques that Jane taught me have allowed me to consciously improve my mental health alongside the hypnosis.
Now I have finished my treatment I know Jane is always on the end of the phone or I can book another appointment should I need her. I highly recommend Jane and thank her for helping me improve my life.” … Samantha, July 2017

“After only 1 session of hypnotherapy provided by Jane, I have completely stopped smoking after nearly over 25 years. I wasn’t convinced I wanted to give up, but knew the benefits to my health would outweigh my smoking habit. Without the hypnotherapy provided by Jane, there is absolutely no way I would have given up. I can’t recommend Jane highly enough” … Sarah

“Before I went to see Jane I felt I had no confidence, suffered from anxiety attacks and had very low self esteem, because of this I used to overeat in secret. Whenever we went out to a restaurant (which was quite a lot) I would always have three courses and a bottle of wine at least. All of this led to me being a size 18.
Since I have been seeing Jane my attitude towards food has changed completely. Hypnotherapy has made me see things in a totally different light. I am now more confident, have much more energy and after 5 sessions I have lost one and a half stone and have gone down to a size 14. I cannot thank Jane enough for changing my life for the better.” … Debbie in Bexhill, April 2017

“At the beginning of December 2015, I began a course of hypnotherapy with Jane, to quit smoking. I had been a smoker for about 45 years and I had tried to cut down for years without any success. Seeing many of my friends suffer with ill health due to smoking, I decided that the time had come to stop, whilst I was still in reasonably good health. I decided that I wanted to completely stop by the end of December 2015.
I had two sessions with Jane, after the first one I cut down fro 15 cigarettes a day to just 2. After the second session I stopped altogether and I have not smoked a single cigarette since then.
“Giving up smoking is easy… I’ve done it thousands of times” said Sam Clements, who is better known as Mark Twain. Giving up smoking is not easy but hypnotherapy certainly makes it a lot easier and now I have no desire to smoke again.
I am delighted with my experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Jane, whether it be for the treatment of addictions, phobia or bad habits. Well done Jane.” … Bob, June 2016


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