Who I work with

I can work with clients one on one or I can help teams in a more corporate setting.


As an example, if you are struggling with self belief or self confidence (or you're not even sure what the difference is) believe me I've been there! Perhaps it's social confidence that gives you a problem and leaves you feeling stuck and helpless? Maybe you are unhappy with the way you feel about your skills and abilities at work or at home? Perhaps you are challenged by a lack of self worth? Whatever it is then coaching can help.

A Life Coach will start at the beginning and get to truly understand where your starting position is and how you really feel. Yes, it can be uncomfortable at times but starting on the inside and working out you will develop strategies, techniques and thought processes that will boost you in whatever way you need.

Each client is treated as the unique individual they are. Together we will identify what is working and what's not working in your life. Get some action points and goals together and work through them at the the pace you choose eliminating any limiting beliefs as we work through. You will be held accountable for various actions, probably be asked to carry out tasks between or sessions and we will do whatever it takes to get you what you want! It's my experience and belief that if you want whatever change it is enough and you are prepared to work hard, then it can be yours!

I believe we all need a coach. Everybody needs feedback and someone to help them check in with themselves from time to time don't they? If only to make sure that the path they are taking is the one they want? What do you think?


If you have individuals within your organisation who haven't quite reached their true potential or maybe they have been promoted into higher roles and are struggling with the transition, then NLP Coaching can help. Maybe a member of staff's appraisal has highlighted areas for improvement or productivity seems to be dwindling. Perhaps your teams aren't working as collaboratively or smoothly as anticipated?

Staff can gain a feeling of respect, organisational value and confidence and often demonstrate higher levels of sustained productivity after positive coaching.

NLP Coaching and processes can deepen self awareness and can be a quick and helpful way of sorting out frustrations, limiting beliefs, communication issues, procrastination, public speaking, lack of self awareness and many other issue, allowing you and your teams to focus on what really matters to the organisation.